VERY IMPORTANT thought for Brides-to-be: 1

Make sure the photographer whose work you're viewing can
show you an entire Wedding.  It's easy for an amateur to pick a
couple of shots from various Weddings and appear well-rounded
and competent to photograph ALL the facets of this day which
have to be done right the first (and only) time.  Remember, in
years to come, all you will have from your Wedding Day is your
Photographs to remind you what a wonderful time you enjoyed.  
Another reason to insist upon seeing a complete Wedding is
that, unfortunately, there are those who will show someone
else's work as their own, and few of them will risk showing that
many stolen images.  Sorry to bring up unpleasant thoughts, but
it's better to be aware of them now, before you retain the wrong
sort of person.  After all, at this point in your lives, this is your
most important day ever, and, with guidance, can become your
most beloved day ever.

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Boyd Bilbo
Remember, with the digital cameras of today, just about anyone
can show what people look like, but one of the things which set
a Professional Photographer apart from amateurs is the ability
to time a shot so as to capture real expressions from the
subject.  When viewing a photo, ask yourself, "Can I see what
he/she is feeling here?  Does this picture carry a message even
without a caption?"  Well-timed photographs show that the
subject was really into this fabulous Wedding Day.  If the Bride
or Groom looks like they're about to do a load of laundry or go
to the store maybe you should keep looking for a Photographer.
How you can tell if someone is a trained Professional.
One of the easy ways to determine if a 'photographer'
really has been trained properly is "The Wedding Kiss".
This is a difficult shot, and an amateur will almost always
show the Bride and Groom with their mouths and noses
mashed together, not very attractive.  A Professional
Photographer knows the anticipation and the timing  so
that the subjects look their very best in "The shot".  The
photo on the left is from Facebook, taken by someone
who claims to be a Photographer and to have done 300
Weddings, and is her Signature photo.  She is
advertising her teaching skills. The image on the right is
one of mine, for which I have received many awards.
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